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          • Shot blasting machinery industry research report
          • 2019/4/8Reading frequency:[1439]
          • I. industry overview

            Since the 1930s, the American company made the first shot blasting machine in the world, the global shot blasting machine industry has developed rapidly. Foreign high level shot-blasting equipment companies are concentrated in Europe and the United States, Europe and the United States shot blasting machine technology is advanced, representing the highest level of shot blasting machine industry.

            The consumption concentration of global shot blasting machine market is higher. In 2010, the total consumption value of the world's top eight shot-blasting machines accounted for three-quarters of the world's shot-blasting machine production, and the total consumption value of the top three shot-blasting machines was nearly half of the world's shot-blasting machine output value.

            Since 2003, because of the development of equipment manufacturing industry, the demand for shot blasting machine in China has developed rapidly. In 2010, the consumption of shot blasting machines in China accounted for 20% of the total production of metal processing shot blasting machines in the world, making China the world's largest market for shot blasting machines.

            Production of shot-blasting equipment in China began in the 1950s, largely in imitation of Soviet technology. In recent years, with the rapid development of China's automobile, motorcycle, household appliances, electronic communication and other industries, especially the machine tool industry and foundry industry, shot blasting and cleaning industry has brought rare opportunities. In 2005, the output of shot blasting machine in China was 22,789 sets. By the end of August 2011, the output of shot blasting machine in China had reached 110,000 sets, with an average annual growth of 26%.

            China national association of machinery industry is the self-regulatory organization of shot blasting machine industry. To formulate industry development plans and industrial policies for the government; To assist in the management of the national standards of the industry, responsible for the revision and management of the standards of the industry; To carry out industry statistical surveys; To participate in quality management and supervision; Scientific and technological achievements appraisal of the industry.

            Ii. Main products and functions of the industry

            The main products of shot blasting machine industry can be divided into separate shot blasting machine and complete set of sandblasting equipment.

            (1) shot blasting and cleaning machine

            Shot blasting machine is a casting equipment that USES the high speed shot from the shot blasting machine to clean the surface of castings. The steel shot is sent to the rotating disc at high speed and the effect of centrifugal force is used to make the steel shot hit the surface of parts at high speed and achieve the purpose of lighting. Shot blasting cleaning machine makes the surface of parts produce compressive stress, and no silicon powder, less pollution to the environment.

            Shot blasting machine can be used to clean castings, forgings and welds, remove the inclusion of the workpiece surface and oxide skin, a wide range of applications.

            (2) sandblasting equipment

            Sandblasting is the process of using compressed air as the power to form a high speed jet beam, such as high-speed jet material to the surface of the workpiece to be treated, using the impact of high speed sand flow to make the appearance of the surface of the workpiece surface changes, to clean and coarsening the matrix surface.

            The whole set of sandblasting room consists of sandblasting studio, sandblasting system, abrasive recovery system, dust removal system, workpiece conveying system, lighting system, control system, lifting door and other parts.

            3. Upstream and downstream analysis of the industry

            Shot blasting machine industry upstream steel (steel plate, profile) mainly raw materials suppliers, downstream industries including machinery, cars, planes, motorcycle, railway, shipbuilding, container, bridge, chemical industry, construction and other manufacturing of castings, forgings, steel, steel deoxidization and rust removing, blast cleaning and surface strengthening.

            (I) upstream industry

            The main raw materials needed for the production of shot blasting machine are steel plate, section steel, etc. Therefore, the steel industry is the upstream industry of shot blasting machine industry. The domestic steel plate market fluctuates greatly in recent years, showing a downward trend as a whole, the price of steel profile is stable at about 5300 yuan/ton, and the price of plate is about 3500 yuan/ton on average.

            At present, the domestic steel industry overcapacity, product prices stable at a relatively low level, and adequate supply, shot blasting machine industry has a greater bargaining power on the upstream.

            (2) downstream industries

            At present, with the maturity and development of technology, shot blasting cleaning equipment has gradually got rid of the category of "casting machinery", and entered a new development field, the application scope is more and more extensive. Its main applications are as follows:

            1. Metal surface cleaning

            Surface cleaning of various castings. The shot-blasting equipment is firstly used to remove the sand on the surface of cast steel and cast iron and remove the oxide skin. Almost all steel castings, gray castings, malleable steel castings, ductile iron castings, etc. are subject to shot blasting. This is not only to remove the oxide coating and sticky sand on the casting surface, but also an indispensable preparation process before the casting quality inspection.

            Blasting and peening of forgings and heat treated parts. The surface of most metal workpieces will be oxidized during the heat treatment of forging. This oxide scale skin has a serious destructive effect on the chemical coating derusting of parts, which needs to be cleaned by blasting and peening. For the parts that need cutting, the removal of oxide skin is a necessary condition to improve the service life of the cutting tool and to maintain the precision of the machine to control the size of the forging blank so as to obtain the best cutting state. This is even more important for automatic machining machines. The combined effect of removing oxide peel and strengthening the workpiece can be obtained by blasting and peening the workpiece after the final heat treatment. Almost most of the gears of cars and tractors are shot blasting after heat treatment.

            2. Strengthening of metal workpieces to improve fatigue strength

            According to the modern metal strength theory, increasing the dislocation density inside the metal is the main direction to improve the metal strength. Practice has proved that shot blasting is an effective industrial method to increase metal dislocation structure. This is very important for some metals that cannot be hardened by phase change (such as martensitic quenching, etc.) or need to be further strengthened on the basis of phase change hardening. Is an aerospace industry, automobile and tractor parts requirement, but more and more high reliability requirement, its important technical measures is to use cast shot peening raise the strength and fatigue strength of components, the main technical measures in this regard are: spring behind shot peening, improve the metal surface roughness of the surface peening processing, to obtain a certain metal surface coarse degree threw the shot peening processing, decorative coating of shot peening polishing.

            3. Surface processing

            Shot blasting technology has been developed into one of the main processing methods of metal surface processing, and grinding, polishing, etc. into the ranks of metal surface processing technology, and grinding, polishing than unique. It can be used for the surface reinforcement of cutting tools and cutting tools, to improve the metal surface roughness, to obtain certain metal surface roughness and decorative coating shot-blasting technicians.

            4. Shot blasting forming

            Shot-blasting combines the forming and strengthening of sheet metal, which has been applied to the manufacture of aircraft wings, fuselage and other thin shell components. Boeing aircraft in the United States adopts shot blasting technology, which not only saves the large press and reduces the manufacturing cost, but also improves the strength and stiffness of the thin shell components, which plays an important role in improving the load performance of the aircraft.

            Iv. Industry scale and development space

            In 2005, the output of shot blasting machine in China was 22,789 sets. By the end of August 2011, the output of shot blasting machine in China had reached 110,000 sets, with an average annual growth of 26%.

            Source: national technical committee for standardization of foundry machinery

            From the domestic consumption situation in recent years, China's consumption of polishing machine in 2005 is 20966 sets, by the end of August 2011, China's consumption of shot blasting machine has reached 103400 sets, an average annual growth of 31%, consumer demand shows an increasing trend.

            As an environmental cleaning equipment, shot blasting cleaning machine production industry after the adjustment in recent years, the product structure and quality have been greatly improved. During the 12th five-year plan period, the country took the high-end equipment manufacturing industry as seven emerging industries, and the international market demand for China's mechanical and electrical products also showed a steady growth trend, which provided a broad market prospect for the shot blasting machine industry.

            V. risks faced by enterprises in the industry

            1. Macroeconomic risks

            The production and sales scale of downstream manufacturing industries, such as casting industry, engineering machinery industry and construction industry, directly affects the market conditions of cleaning castings such as shot blasting machine, while the production and sales scale of engineering machinery industry and construction industry are greatly affected by the macro economy, which is obviously correlated with the macroeconomic fluctuations. If the main product markets of engineering machinery and construction enterprises are adversely affected by macroeconomic fluctuations in the future, it may lead to a decrease in orders and difficulties in sales. Therefore, enterprises in the industry face the risk of being affected by macroeconomic cycle fluctuations.

            (ii) industrial policy risks

            In recent years, with the state council about accelerate the development of the several opinions of the equipment manufacturing industry, the industrial transformation and upgrading plan (2011-2015), the state council on accelerating the decision of the cultivating and developing strategic emerging industries ", "automobile industry development policy" and other policies successively promulgated and implemented, the emerging engineering machinery, steel structure industry has strong support and the development of the car, and, in turn, led to the rapid growth of the blasting machinery industry. In the future, these stimulus and promotion policies may be adjusted, which will affect the shot blasting machine market, and enterprises in the industry are faced with industry policy risks.

            (3) technology development risks

            The global manufacturing market is highly competitive, new technologies are constantly developed and applied, and products are updated rapidly, which puts forward high requirements for the technological development of shot blasting machine, which must meet the needs of the market, timely and flexibly develop products suitable for the needs of the downstream market. If the industry enterprise fails to develop new products and cannot track the new technology to upgrade products as scheduled, the enterprise's market expansion plan and competitive advantage in the industry will be affected.

            (4) production safety risks

            The production mode of industrial enterprises is large-scale and automatic production. If the production is stopped due to the impact of accidents, it will have a greater impact on the production and operation. Although enterprise is equipped with complete safety facilities, set up perfect accident early warning and processing mechanism, the whole production process under control, little chance of safety accident, but still cannot be ruled out because of the imperfect equipment or process, storage, and improper operation or safety accident caused by natural disasters such as reasons, affect the normal production and operation.

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